Getting an event started

Planning a new event can be quite daunting when you don’t know how many people will sign up and costs quickly add up. We’d be delighted to offer you a quote by contacting us but we know that professional timing might be a little expensive when there are so many unknowns in the first year of a new event. To get the event running and to minimise risk some event choose to go for a low tech option, the first option people think about is using stop watches but if you have over 20 people in the event this can become quite difficult to manage.

The best app we’ve seen for making life easier is WebScorer. WebScorer makes handling manual timing that little bit easier, once setup properly all you need to do is tap on the bib number of the runner when they come through the finish line and WebScorer will log the time.

We recommend running the app on a tablet device to maximise the screen size and remember, especially if your event is based around us, you want to make sure you can waterproof your device just in case Scotlands weather decides to be a little unkind. Another consideration is a device which will have enough battery life to last until all competitors have completed the event.

If you decide to try something like WebScorer we can still help with the hires of items for your event like start/finish gantries and radios to make your event look professional and run smoothly.

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